Beginning this month, Waste Management began collecting residential recycling within the city limits of Zachary. This service will be provided once a week per customer. Your recycle route is based on your address and recently might have changed with the new company contract. All recyclable materials must be in a green recycling bin. If you need a green bin, they are available for pickup at the City of Zachary annex, located at 4750 Main Street. All recyclable materials can be mixed in these bins. It is best to put your recycling out the night before it is to be picked up, since route pickup begins early in the morning. “We feel that contracting with the same company for both garbage and recycling will be a plus in the City of Zachary, both economically and efficiently,” says Mayor David Amrhein. Please refer to the New Recycle Route Map to determine your recycle pick up day. All areas West of the railroad tracks and South of Hwy. 64 up to and INCLUDING Oak Trace Subdivision will be collected on Mondays. All areas West of Oak Trace Subdivision, and South of Hwy 64, – NOT INCLUDING Hwy. 64 – except for Hwy 64 West of Hwy 964 (Old Scenic Hwy.), and those areas off of Hwy 64 West of Hwy 964 (Old Scenic Hwy.) will be collected in Tuesdays. All areas East of the railroad tracks will be collected on Thursdays. All areas West of the railroad tracks, North of Hwy 64 – INCLUDING ALL Hwy 64 – , and Hwy. 964 (Old Scenic Hwy.) North of Hwy. 64 will be collected on Fridays. – Does not include Hwy. 64 West of Old Scenic Hwy. Questions relating to recycling can be addressed at City of Zachary Public Works Department, 225 654- 1902.